Must Love Cats is a chance for new and veteran composers alike to write for a seasoned, greased, and limber band that readsimprovises, and yearns for musical adventure

From now until June 1, 2014, the band will be accepting new compositions, songs, ballads, marches, sound poems, farcical musicals, improvisation games, panic attacks, etc...written especially for them.

Five pieces will be selected, and the band will work with the composer over the subsequent months, then perform the new compositions at a special series of concerts in the fall of 2014.

The concert series will be accompanied by a highly publicized release of a live concert film, professional studio album, and beautiful booklet profiling each composer.  

(Copyright agreements will be discussed in person, with the composer's wishes as top priority)

Selected composers will receive the album, the booklet, a limited edition print of the concert series poster, a fair percentage of all profits, and an invitation to a home cooked dinner with the band. Food allergies, special diets, and preferences will be honored and discussed enthusiastically.

Throughout the entire process, folks will be updated via Facebook, website, and twitter, and the social media of all composers involved will be linked and referred to vigorously!

Any combination of the following instruments can be used.

  • Violin / Viola

  • Double Bass (Pizz. and Arco)

  • Acoustic Guitar / Banjo

  • Acoustic Guitar / Mandolin

  • Voices (Bass → High Falsetto / Soprano)

Remember, only four instruments and three voices can be used at the same time.

All band members are conservatory trained / street schooled, improvisers, and perfectionists. 

If possible, please send a score (PDF or hard copy), a recording (MIDI, software instruments, etc), and a brief description of your vision.

Submit all materials to with the subject line “MUST LOVE CATS” by June 1, 2014, with preference given to early submissions. Email any questions at any time.