Must Love Cats is a chance for new and veteran composers alike to write for a seasoned, greased, and limber band that readsimprovises, and yearns for musical adventure

We're incredibly honored to share the names of the 5 composers whose pieces we'll be recording, performing, and sharing with you all as part of Must Love Cats Volume One! 

T.R. Beery [ Cincinnati / Portsmouth, Ohio ]
~ "the Fox, the Girl, and the Honey"

Marissa DiPronio [ Cincinnati, Ohio ]
~ "frost"

Roger Alejandro Martinez [ Philadelphia, PA ]
~ "Overlook Mt. Suite"

Timothy Young [ Chicago, IL ]
~ "Hands - Edgar Meyer Visits Me In A Dream"

Michael Hwang [ Chicago, IL ]
~ "Portrait of a Horse from Chauvet Cave"

Congratulations to these amazing young composers! We'll be posting detailed profiles of each of the composers throughout the coming weeks.